DesignNBuy Support Policy

DesignNBuy Support Policy


 Support Policy


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At DESIGNNBUY WEBTOPRINT PVT. LTD. (“DNB”, “Company”, “We”), our mission is to help our customers make the best use of our software products through effective and responsive support, active advocacy, and a broad and flexible range of self-help resources. In support of this mission, the following policies set the expectations for the Customer relationships with DNB support team.

During Active Subscription, DNB shall make available to the Customers, at no additional charge, technical support as specified in this document with respect to the Support Services (“Standard Support”), or any Customer may purchase “Premium Support” for an additional fee if the standard support does not cover the extent of help needed.


      1.    Standard Support is available through our helpdesk system. A Support Request (“Ticket”) can be registered by following below described “Support Process”. In case if your business needs more interactive and instant support via e-mail, online chat or calls, then contact your sales representative or support agent to opt for paid “Premium Support” service.

      2.    Support can be availed by registering on our online helpdesk system: and submitting a support request (ticket).

      3.    Support will be available on all working days (Mon to Fri) between 12:00 Noon to 12:00 Midnight IST (Indian Standard Time, UTC +05:30).

      4.    Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays in India are non-working days.

      5.    The standard support covers the following support services with respect to the Software Product offered:

a.    Use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any Error reported by The Customer in accordance with the Support Process set forth below, with fully documented and reproducible examples of the reported problem.

b.    Provide all maintenance services necessary to keep the Software Product in good working order and free from defects as per offered version.

c.    Provide all maintenance services necessary to keep the Software Product in conformance with the warranties set forth in the mutually signed Software Subscription Agreement.

6.    DNB support engineer(s) strive to keep the resolution time for any ticket to a minimum. However, the resolution time is highly dependent on the nature of bug reported as well as the effort required in correcting and delivering the bug fix. We expect the Customer to acknowledge and understand the potentially idiosyncratic nature of any bug or error in the Software Product and be considerate of the resolution time.

7.    When submitting a ticket, the Customer is required to furnish the Company with all information and assistance needed by the Company to address the reported issue, including by promptly furnishing sample input and output, providing assistance in isolating and reproducing the suspected Error, performing diagnostics and tests requested by the Company, and carrying out any required remedial tasks requested by the Company. It is necessary that the Customer cooperates with the support engineer by providing any required access to the server or file system, related information, send across screenshots or video explaining the error/bug, or explain the instructions to replicating the issue with the Software Product.  We will be unable to provide effective support without the active cooperation of the Customer.

8.    No Support Request shall be initiated by any Customer directly to Company’s software engineer or support agent or otherwise bypassing the Company’s support team. This includes all telephone, skype, or e-mail contact of any kind on any subject. Company’s support agent will be solely responsible for determining if and when any Support Request should be referred to other personnel in the Company for resolution.

9.    Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the following shall be excluded from the scope of the Support Services, except to the extent otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing (such as, pursuant to a Statement of Work):

a.    Any issue which, following investigation by Company, is determined not to be an Error in the Software Product, including issues related to third party software or  extension or API that leads to the failure of the Software Product to function in accordance with its offered features;

b.    Any issue related to Software Product or services for which Company does not provide support and maintenance to its customers, including issues related to external applications, connectors, APIs, add-ons, templates or other materials available via the eCommerce Marketplaces;

c.    Re-configuration of the Software Product or changing of the domain key (URL).

d.    Debugging and fixing any bugs/issues generated by any kind of changes done by the Customer or any one of his authorized representatives in the integrated eCommerce website that breaks the integration with the Software Product and its functionality.

e.    Troubleshooting of the Client server (Development, Staging, Production or Any), and elimination of the detected reasons of incorrect server operation.

f.     Development of additional features, execution of change requests in any of the features of the Software Product, additional works and rendering additional services is performed upon the request and paid for separately in accordance with determined fee.

10.  For support services not covered under this document, terms and conditions apply.


1.    The Customer logs a support request (referred to as “ticket”) on our helpdesk website available at

2.    One of our support engineers will review the support ticket and respond within shortest duration possible as per SLA.

3.    The response can either be a resolution to the ticket or a request for additional information.

4.    If the ticket is related to an issue in the Software Product:

·              The support engineer may contact the Customer via helpdesk or schedule an online call/meeting and try to address the ticket.

·              If a resolution is not possible over helpdesk or call, the support engineer may request the direct access to the Customer’s server environment to address the ticket.

5.    In case the resolution provided is not acceptable to the Customer, the Customer will update this on the same ticket on the helpdesk website.

6.    In case the Customer is not satisfied with the resolution, the ticket can be escalated to the Support Manager whose contact details are mentioned below.

7.    Once the ticket is addressed and resolved, the Customer should close the ticket on helpdesk website.

8.    In case the Customer does not respond with requested details to any ticket in three (3) business days, the support engineer will close the ticket. The Customer can re-open the ticket or log a fresh ticket at a later point of time.

9.    In case the Customer wishes to make a call to the support team, the calls should be made only to the contact details mentioned in the escalation matrix.

10.  In case the Customer wishes to send a direct e-mail, e-mails are to be sent to the email id mentioned in the escalation matrix.

11.  Support tickets logged on helpdesk website will be given priority over support requests made over the calls or through e-mails.

12.  If the ticket is not related to an issue in the Software Product (request is outside the scope of the SUPPORT SERVICE):

·                  The support engineer will inform the Customer about this. This information will be updated on the ticket.

·                  In case if the Customer wants to hire the DNB to resolve the ticket, the request will be forwarded to the Technical Team for further review. The Technical Team will revert with information on feasibility and an effort estimate for the same. Such ticket will be handled as a separate customization project outside the scope of this SUPPORT SERVICE.

·                  The below-mentioned SLAs do not apply for work that is outside the scope of this SUPPORT SERVICE.






Response Time



Support for general questions related to certain functions of the Software Product. For example:

1.    HOW-TO queries to learn how a specific feature works.

2.    Basic level of Software Product configurations.

3.    Training requirements as included in the subscription plan.

If this Basic level of support cannot immediately resolve the problem, the Support Request is escalated to Advanced Level, which requires involvement of technical support specialists.

Within 1 Business Day 98% of the time.



Support for Software Product functional issues. For example:

1.    CSS level issues to fix user interface.

2.    Spelling errors, typos and language translation issues.

3.    Functional issue or missing functionality.

4.    File upload, directory permission issues.

5.    Missing print-ready output files.

6.    Empty cart issue.

Within 1-3 Business Day 98% of the time.



Support for helping Customer in configuring the Software Product features as per Customer specific business requirements.

For example:

1.    Specific pricing support.

2.    Specific output generation.

3.    Specific behaviour of design studio in  artwork creation and editing design templates.

4.    Additional training sessions required.

Support services under this level are out of the scope of AMC and can be availed as an additional service as per agreed upon fee.

This level of support explicitly does not perform customization of the Software code, its functionality, or its presentation to suit specific needs of the Customer. If resolution requires code modification, the Support Request is escalated to L5 Level.

Within 3-5 Business Day 98% of the time.



Support for critical functional issues of the Software Product.

1.    Any defect that makes the Software unusable or prevents the Software to be accessible by end buyers.

2.    Serious Software performance (load-time) issue.

3.    Any issue that prevents end-buyers from purchasing the products from the website or prevents store admin from processing the order.

Within 1 Business Day 98% of the time.



This level of support does perform Software Product customization requested by the Customer which may involve a change in the Software Product code, its functionality and/or its presentation, and does assist with the integration of the Software with The Customer’s existing database, network, or third-party products. For example:

1.    Third-party extension installation.

2.    Customization in user interface or user experience.

3.    Third-party API integration: Payment gateway, Shipping, Image Library, Accounting etc.

4.    Bespoke feature development.

Support services under this level are out of the scope of AMC and can be availed as an additional service as per agreed upon fee.

Some areas of customization support may or may not even be covered under paid support services. Availability of such specific services will be determined by support representatives.

Based on Effort and Cost Estimates






E-mail ID

Phone Number


Customer Satisfaction Specialist

+1 202 697 9554


VP-Customer Success


Global: +13475354445,
India: +91 7224027147






Support Service

Standard Support

Premium Support



PAID yearly

Support Access

Helpdesk Only

Helpdesk + E-mail + Call weekly and Skype weekly

Direct Access to a Named Support Agent
A primary point-of-contact for technical-support issues



Access to Additional Support
Services may include consulting hours, out-of-business-hours planned support, remote assistance via TeamViewer


Yes8 hours per year

Premium Support Workshops
Access to live or online workshops on digital marketing, SEO, website management, business automation, website performance optimization, security etc. by industry and subject matter experts


Quarterly4 per year

Premium Support Reports
MIS reports for analyzing the online business performance for customized orders


Quarterly4 per year

Additional Online Training
Services may include online training for your staff, new recruits etc.


Yes8 hours per year


    Live Discussion on Web-to-Pack

    Happy to share we had a wonderful Live Chat webinar with Pat McGrew (McGrewGroup, Inc and MC2 Services LLC) and David Zwang (Zwang & Co.)

    We enjoyed discussing upcoming trends in packaging and the position of Web to Pack in the industry. Throughout, it was truly honest and insightful. 

    For those of you who were unable to attend, or would like to revisit the session, we have made a recording available. You can access it by clicking the link below.
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