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Hi to all the Support Team at Design and Buy. I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time and dedication to sorting out the email “spam” problem we had with our server. You worked beyond your restriction lines, you understood the importance of the issue and without hesitation you stood as a team to sort it out. I THANK YOU again for your support you provide us (you are our safety net).
We are grateful to be in good hands. Well done Guys!!!
I would just like to say that you and your support team have been unbelievable so far. I can't thank you enough.
-Wes Barker
  • This project has been a really good experience: I've learn a lot. I am satisfied with the look of my site, thanks in part, to your hard work and diligence.
    -Victor Mota
  • I would like to appreciate entire support & development team for their excellent support and speedy resolution. They listened to the problem and offered a simple solution with excellent customer services. Always available when needed and willing to go the extra mile.
    -Maneeb Anwer
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    The marketing and media ecosystem is changing. The new marketing landscape is a mix of Print, Digital, Social and various other forms of media. Though new options of media are springing up to attract new consumers, traditional options are experiencing an evolution in their form. One such form of Media is Print Media… “Print Media is not dead; it is there to stay with more digitization”. None of the marketer can deny the importance of print media in establishing brand presence of businesses.

    Web-to-Print option is one of the techniques which have changed the print industry to a huge extent. Web2Print media is adopted by enterprises, franchisee businesses, corporate and other business houses to promote their brand.

    With web to print such institutions can empower their sales teams, channel partners, franchisees, and other authorized users to produce personalized marketing materials online from anywhere. All users can access same marketing templates to personalize them as per the local marketing needs, while still ensuring 100% brand compliance.

    Web to print is a complete holistic solution for consistent and global branding and promotions. There are numerous ways in which it has helped brands improve and digitize their branding and promotion activities:

    • Central repository for marketing – Web-to-Print media acts as a central repository for the marketing department. All kinds of templates, designs and layouts are available at one place and thus make it easily accessible throughout the organization. People responsible for execution of printing assignments as well as those who approve it can access it from anywhere (be it head office, branch office) and it makes the whole process easy.
    • Cut down print media production costs – For franchise business, the localized printed material is needed based on same layout maintaining the consistency of the brand image. Thus, it saves cost of producing them individually. It also cuts down the cost of getting them produced from designers. Simple templates and layout makes it easy to personalize them for marketing people also.
    • Maintain brand image – Different types of templates and layouts with same design running all across keeps brand images easy to resonate in audience minds and thus keep the brand tone and personality intact. It can be used across every form of branding and promotional material ranging from adverts, flyers, product catalog, brochures, company financial report and many others.
    • Time effective – Cutting down the time on designing, approvals and changes makes it more time effective and thus lessen down the time for businesses and corporates to reach to market with their new branding initiatives.
    • Different formats can be generated easily – For printing, high resolution files can be generated at one-go as well as PDF files for preview and for sending across the organization for proofreading and other purposes can also be produced without any hassle.
    • Social Media & Web-to-Print – Print Material that is generated in web form can be shared on social media pages also and thus it easy to refresh an image on social media as well.

    Automation and self-service portals have revolutionized the way enterprises work these days. Web to print is one such essential investment with major ROIs being increased efficiency and cost reduction with ability to accessible from anywhere, anytime and everyone.

    DesignNBuy experts are available for discussion on this topic, contact us on inquiry@designnbuy.com

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    Posted by DNB Support on 27 June 2015 04:50 PM
    Louise Clark United Kingdom

    From day one of working with the Design’n'Buy team they have been extremely helpful and professional. Mihir worked with me at the start to ensure all my needs were met and he did a great job answering all my questions and concerns. He has been a constant support through the whole process of getting my website set up through to completion. I have worked with Shrikant on my training and follow up support, he has been so helpful and extremely patient. I had a lot of questions and it took me a while to get my head around the system but Shrikant guided me through via Skype and made the learning a lot easier and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend working with this team. They definitely go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

    Lairy Canary Graphic Design (United Kingdom )

    - See more at: http://www.designnbuy.com/testimonials.html#sthash.R9a9ibRx.dpuf

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    Design’N'Buy Clientele Facts and Figures
    Posted by DNB Support on 09 June 2015 01:49 PM
    • Design’N’Buy have customers in 40+ countries around the world
    • 46% of its total revenue comes from USA customers
    • Its solutions are adopted by customers belonging to 35 different states in USA out of total 50 states
    • 80% of the revenue comes from 4 USA states being the hub of printing service industry

    These are some of the facts and figures based on our clientele so far since last 7 years. We thank all our customers and associates to believe in us and adopt our solutions for their businesses. We know it’s just the beginning and we would like our solutions to help printing business across world to enhance their business processes and customer experience for high revenue returns.

    Design’N’Buy employs 30+ full time employees. Our headquarters is located in the Ahmedabad, India where the majority of our in-house team is located. Our account managers and support team work in a 24-hour shift schedule working in different time zones in order to cover any urgent needs from our worldwide clientele.



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    About AIO Designer HTML5 - Release Notes_V 2.3
    Posted by DNB Support on 02 June 2015 05:03 PM

    All-in-one Product Designer HTML5 V2.3 release note describes upgrades and new features introduced in version 2.3. It also highlights the bug fixes and workarounds of possible issues identified in the earlier releases. These release notes will help our clients to be familiar with our software and its features.


           Common Features for both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in

    • Upgrade to Magento to version
    • Module style packaging of full application for third-party Magento integration
    • Design studio layout changes
    • Moved QR code feature inside image upload panel in design studio
    • Moved shapes feature inside clipart panel in design studio
    • Download preview with watermark in design studio
    • Option to remove the uploaded images from the image gallery within design studio
    • Forgot password feature from design studio
    • Shapes panel - add chosen shape object directly on canvas on clicking on shape icon
    • No need to upload TTF font files on server. Now you just need to create JS font file from WOFF and upload that in Magento backend only.
    • Complete source code obfuscation for full source code security

         Product Designer Plug-in Specific Features

    • Store specific design Ideas w.r.t. language
    • Order preview display with detailed price break-up
    • Displaying design idea name in design studio
    • Show chosen printing method name with the order

         Canvas Designer Plug-in Specific Features

    • Product details page layout changes
    • Feature to specify separate bleed and safe margin for all 4 sides in product settings
    • Canvas border feature is now independent of margins
    • Upload mask/overlay from template builder for each page on selected template size

    New Features

         Common Features to both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in

    • New fully responsive Magento storefront theme
    • Edit design from shopping cart page, load it back in design studio for further editing
    • Text shapes in design studio – Curve, Arch, Bridge, Bulge, Bird’s eye, Pinch, Casecade up, Cascade down, Wave.

         Product Designer Plug-in Specific Features

    • Browse design Idea in front-end with categorized structure and search functionality
    • Switch product inside design studio from full product catalog display
    • Configure and assign design idea categories for each product separately


         Canvas Designer Plug-in Specific Features

    • Store specific global template builder w.r.t. language
    • Import SVG feature within template builder
    • Duplicate template feature to offer same template design for different sizes after proper adjustments
    • Quick text edit module within design studio in add text module.
    • Import SVG template

    Deprecated Features

         Common Features to Both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in

    • Import photos from Facebook


          Canvas Designer Plug-in Specific Features

    • Product specific templates using manage template feature
    • Uploading mask/overlay images from Images section in admin (moved to global template builder)
    • Changing product size from available sizes within design studio, now design studio will load the product for personalization with a selected product size.

    Bugs Resolved

         Common to Both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in

    • Output was not generated as per the selected format from Magento admin
    • Export CSV for clipart, clipart category and fonts were not same as import sample CSV
    • When saving design if there is any with special character in name then design name does not display in My Account -> My Designs
    • Upload HD button was not available for images used from Social Media within Image gallery of design studio
    • Changing product’s quantity frequently sometimes cause to show the add-to-cart button even if the quantity is more than available
    • If photo-box is not filled with image then its outline visible in cart image and output
    • Resolved some language translation issues
    • Uploaded HD files were not there in output zip
    • Download Preview: The front side watermark is straight whereas watermark on all other sides are diagonal
    • Loading graphics was not displayed when the HD vector image is attached with the main image in image gallery
    • The output of the order was not correct when mask and overlay are added on the product
    • We are loading only regular fonts for each font family so if regular and bold / italic has different glyph for same character then it will not be display in design studio but output will have correct glyph


         Product Designer Plug-in Specific

    • Color variation corrected for product color change through hex color code
    • Pricing calculation
    • Simple product’s quantity was not displayed in add to cart popup in studio
    • While reorder, printing charge and setup charge was not included in price
    • Clicking multiple times on product color picker slider selects the next and previous button
    • Design idea design tool: at 400% zoom, the bottom horizontal scroll bar overlaps with the product color slider.
    • First time when design studio loads with pre-loaded or saved design, price was not displayed according to printing method and add-on charges, only default product base price was getting displayed.
    • In printing methods module, when new colors are added and deleted again without clicking on save button, blank records of printable colors were created in database.

         Canvas Designer Plug-in Specific

    • Right click on background pop-up within design studio, displays the context menu on right side of the panel at distance.

    Known Bugs and Limitations


    8.1    Limitations


    • As safari does not support SVG filters properly so features for product color change and blur object does not work properly in safari on Windows and Mac
    • For custom options in product settings in design studio, only those custom options will work whose data type will be either dropdown or radio button or checkbox
    • Design studio does not work on Internet Explorer V11.0.18 and does not work properly below Version 10
    • In Canvas designer plug-in, Overlay will be there in the output now.

    8.2    Known Bugs

    • Undo / redo feature works only for one side, when user changes the side, undo stack will become zero.
    • In product designer plug-in, if product images for each side are bigger than 1000 X 1000 px, then the output image may not be created or browser may stuck while adding product to cart or download the preview.
    • Hover on any objects added by user will show tooltip (“Layer 1”)
    • In iPhone5 on Safari browser, in cart details view, the product image does not display with customized design, it is shown as blank image.
    • In IE 11 [11.0.9600.17691] the QR Code will go outside the configurable area



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    About AIO Product Designer Release Notes_V 2.0
    Posted by DNB Support on 12 August 2014 08:53 PM

    All-in-one Product Designer V2.0 release notes describe upgrades and new features introduced in version 2.0. It also highlights the bug fixes done and workarounds for possible issues identified in earlier releases. Use these release notes for reference as you become familiar with the software, and for future reference.


    1. Magento Upgrade to Version:
    2. Language localization for design studio elements
    3. Removed global printable color management
    4. Removed global QC Price module
    5. Updated Name/Number Feature
    6. Added Actual width and actual height in config design area
    7. Caching of clipart, fonts, products and design ideas in design studio

    New Features: 

    1. Support to view and personalize products in 3D
    2. Creating personalized products based on simple product type
    3. Manage printing methods  

    Bug Resolved: 

    1. Edit Clipart/Image: Proportion check box was not working if we uncheck it and change the side - Solved
    2. Name/Number Module:

    o   If we open and edit a saved design from my accounts, edit cart or my designs, it used to add a new row in name/number table - Solved 

    o   If you don’t enter any data in table and add to cart, name/number will be considered blank, but if you   edit it from cart then it used to show error - Solved

        3. Fonts and clipart goes out of the display area in respective panel of listing - Solved

    Known Issue: 

    •          Art work setup fee will not work correctly in case of multi shipping.

    Click on below link to access more details



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