[Webinar] Go Digital with Web-to-Print to Make a Difference in 2022

[Webinar] Go Digital with Web-to-Print to Make a Difference in 2022

While starting with the New Year, it’s time to revise what we did in 2021 and how to be better and make a profitable difference in the year 2022. 

The coronavirus outbreak has fueled the growth of eCommerce and order value. 43% of shoppers now feel more positive about shopping online.  It’s important to assess if your print business is prepared to cater to the new demand of self-service, online ordering, personalization, automation, and the surge in eCommerce consumers. 

Attend this webinar to know, 
- Why digitalization is the best and quickest way to 4x your revenue 
- How to improve customer experience and encourage customer loyalty to your brand 
- How does W2P help to lead the market and not just survive the competition 
- What are the actual benefits of introducing automation in workflow 
- How fastest storefront solution AIOW2P works
- How to integrate AIOW2P to your business.

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    Live Discussion on Web-to-Pack

    Happy to share we had a wonderful Live Chat webinar with Pat McGrew (McGrewGroup, Inc and MC2 Services LLC) and David Zwang (Zwang & Co.)

    We enjoyed discussing upcoming trends in packaging and the position of Web to Pack in the industry. Throughout, it was truly honest and insightful. 

    For those of you who were unable to attend, or would like to revisit the session, we have made a recording available. You can access it by clicking the link below.
    Watch Recording